Frequently Asked Questions

We are humans and have some limitations. Focus on quality and not quantity. Find your balance and studying for 6-8 hours is more than sufficient.

Not at all. For rigorous preparation be ready to give minimum 2 years of efforts

The exam has it’s own standards and UPSC syllabus covers almost everything under the sun but, constancy, hard work, time management and patience can help you sail through the exam in the very first attempt.

You don’t need to be a topper to clear this exam. All you need is determination and hard work.

Not really. There is no obligation to spend lakhs of money for the preparation. You can break the tradition and still clear the exam.

You do need to limit social interactions but, savoring the solitude is not the solution. Do healthy group discussions, watch documentaries or just go out for a walk.

The trend has been changed. Now, UPSC tests your concepts, understanding and your ability to critically analyze an issue.

It does not matter as long as you are eligible for the exam. Give your 100% and you have a fair chance to clear it.

Pick a single authentic book and understand it in depth rather than going for multiple books.
The harder you work, the luckier you get!

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